Catholic Memorial High School Class of 1959

40th Reunion

Page 3  Head Shots

                                                                                                                                                                    July 31, 1999, Westen Lakes Country Club, Waukesha, Wisconsin

Bob Furrer                     Bob Wolfe                 Helen Hausman Capellaro

Holly Platteter Teven                    Jerry Ruetten            Jim Brimmer

JoAnn Byrnes Gimler     Margaret Snyder Schuman        Margie Wehr Kau

Mary Ann Schweitzer Schmit         Mary Jo Weber Detter       Maureen Meier Muhich

  Mary Lee Shepherd Nettesheim, Carol Jones Schubeck    Neal Nettesheim

   Nikki McIlhone Filippelli          Pat Koehler Bacon                David Brandt

Paul Thorsen         Phyllis Pankratz Andringa         Ted Ferrara

 M.E. Stetz DePalma         Tim Roesch                      Beverly Anich Dobberstei


Photographer: Holly Teven
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40th Class Reunion

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Photographer: Holly Platteter Tevens