Catholic Memorial High School Class of 1959

40th Reunion

Page 2 Party Time

                                                                                                                                                                    July 31, 1999, Westen Lakes Country Club, Waukesha, Wisconsin

leslie and carol
Leslie Smith Campbell and Carol Jones Schubeck

Holly Platteter Teven & M.E. Stetz DePalma

Phyllis Pankratz Andringa with
Mr and Mrs.Muhich (Maureen Meier)

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Thorsen with
Mr. & Mrs. Neal  Nettesheim (Mary Lee Shepherd)

Mary Ann Schwitzer Schmit,
Helen Hausman Capellaro and Pat Koehler Bacon

Mrs. Roesch, Mrs.Thorsen and Pat Bacon

Polly Voss Ferrara , Beverly Anich Dobberstei,  and Mrs. Loden

Mr Steiner, Camilla Steiner, Mary Lee Shepard Nettesheim and Ted Ferrara


40th Class Reunion

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45th Reunion

Photographer: Holly Platteter Teven